Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suprise! You're Still a Runner

That's what I found out at the race on Saturday.  I wasn't sure.  I've only dabbled in running since Els was born.  Oh, who am I kidding?  Since I found out I was pregnant with her, just short of two years ago.  I certainly have not trained for anything.  But, lo and behold, I ran a pretty respectable (to me-I was still just 10th in my age group) time at the Beaufort Twilight Run and, afterwards, fun was had by all.  I'm pretty sure I owe if all to Uncle Tony, as my sister and I refer to him.  Still, I don't do P90X everyday, just 3 or 4 days a week with 1 or 2 runs mixed in there.

All that to say, I've caught the bug now.  I want to do more races.  The thing that I really love about racing is the people.  Just like any other big event, races bring out all sorts of folks.  There are the seriously trained, you-know-before-the-race-starts-that-they're-gonna-be-first-or-second people.  They're usually on mile two of their warm-ups as I cruise into the parking lot, finishing my last gummy worm.  There's the dress ups.  You know, the people wearing Batman costumes, or American flag spandex shorts.  At this race there was a whole group of dudes wearing button up tiger print shirts.  (Side note; one time, the picture company got my race number mixed up with the guy dressed up like Batman's and I got his race pictures in the mail.)  There are the women in full make-up and jewelry, the growing number of people with iPods, and the pre-pubescent boys who sprint for 400 meters and then walk over and over again but still end up averaging 6:30 miles.  The most disturbing (to me) people are the race t-shirt wearers.  No, not previous race t-shirts, the race they're currently running's t-shirt.  There is no bigger race party foul.  You don't wear the shirt 'til you've crossed the finish line, people.  It's a badge of honor. 

Anyway, I wrote and meant to post this a whole week ago, but I've been away from the computer.  I got my race pictures by email two days ago and will not be ordering any.  Running pictures of me have always been disgusting.  But I still want to keep running and getting better.  Pictures or not.

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Ellen said...

i love races too...even though if i do them now it is usually with a stroller and not for any record. seriously the race t-shirt people? SO nerdy. i am also disturbed by the sunglasses wearers because i feel like i can't read them...makes me nervous. you should run the broad street ramble 10k in september here in augusta. i won't be running being 8 months pregnant and all, but it is usually tons of fun!