Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 Years

Today is my darling girl's second birthday.  I can hardly believe that it's been two years since our world was graced with her presence, yet I don't really remember life without her.  She is a constant source of joy, entertainment, words, and life lessons.  Toddlerhood is proving challenging yet shot through with laughs.  For instance, her "word of the week" this week is something.  "Something in the mouth, Mama.  Something in the shoe, Mama.  Something hurts, Mama," etc, etc.  And yes, EVERY sentence is finished with the word Mama.  I love it even though I feel like changing my name sometimes.

Eliana Hope,

You have changed my life for the better every day since February 27, 2009.  You challenge me to rely on Christ more than ever and to live what I believe.  Thank you for being so delightful, even on bad days.  I love reading to you, playing with you, talking to you, and "snu-ing" with you when you want to.  I look forward to all the ups and downs of life with you because life is simply more with you in it.  You are my sunshine.

I love you forever,


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Pretty Sure I've Posted This Before, But

This is the part of a song that I sing in my head more often than not right now:

"Well, this day's been crazy
But everything's happened on schedule
From the rain and the cold
To the drink that I spilt on my shirt
Cause you knew how you'd save me before I fell dead in the garden
And you know this day long before you made me out of dirt

And you know the plans that you have for me
And you can't plan the ends and not plan the means
And so I suppose I just need some peace
Just to get me to sleep."

-Table for Two by Caedmon's Call

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Kids are Both Asleep, Dare I Blog?

I feel like every time I sit down to write, it's been so long and there's so much to say that I don't know where to begin.  So, in lieu of something deep this time, I thought I'd do a favorite things post.  So here goes.

First off, Trader Joe's.  There is not one near us, but there is one about 5 minutes away from my parents' house and in the two visits we've had since it's opened, I've been probably 10 times.  Seriously.  Where do I begin?  The triple ginger snaps, the Go-Omega trail mix, the olive tapenade.  Not to mention the coffee, shampoo, and frozen Asian bowls.  And everything is so reasonably priced!  If you're ever near one, go.  If you live near one, lucky you.

In keeping with the food theme, I have discovered a love for almond milk and coconut milk ice cream.  My little Miller is a complicated soul and it seems that he can't tolerate much dairy in Mommy's diet.  And Mommy pretty much hates soy milk and related products.  Fortunately for both of us, non-dairy has come a long way.  If only there was a good cheese substitute...

I absolutely have to give another shout to the Baby Bjorn.  I have no idea what I would do without.  And I just thought I used it a lot with Els.

Have I ever mentioned our collective family love for our white noise makers?  B and I started using one long before we had kids, so it was only natural that they have them in their rooms as well.  I tell people it's like turning off the lights for your ears.  Els likes hers, but she always wants to turn it off first thing when she wakes up and she tries to do it with her toe because that's how I do it (because I'm usually carrying her) which is hilarious.  We really should think about owning stock in this company.

That's all for now.  I hear my precious first born calling.

Oh, and did I mention coffee?  I LOVE coffee.  It's always favorite.