Friday, April 30, 2010

Buh-bye Blackberry

When Blackberries first came out, I remember thinking that I never ever wanted one.  I already felt like I was on a short leash with both a cell phone and email, but when you combine the two, I thought, you would always have to be available.  There would be no excuses.  However, the thing about me is that I'm not an early adopter.  I like to hear someone say that it's worked for them and they love it over and over again before I'm ready to jump in.

So this happened.  Over and over again I heard about the amazing wonders of the Blackberry and then, last June, I became an owner.  A user.  There's a reason people call them "Crackberries."  All of the sudden, I was checking it all the time.  Do I have an email?  A facebook comment?  Not to mention that B downloaded a ridiculously addictive game called "Ka-Glom" onto it which I played all the time.  I have not ever been one to play video games of any kind.  But none of these are the reasons that we finally parted two weeks ago today.  It was the price tag.

Let's face it, I'm a stay at home mom and spending $30 on my data plan a month just didn't make sense anymore.  (Or ever, really.)  I can check my email at home anytime I want on the computer, so all I really need is a reliable cell phone with good service.  So, kicking and screaming, I gave up the ole' BB last month when my plan was up.

We're experimenting with a no-contract cell phone right now that I'm not entirely sold on, but it works.  I do feel like I've set myself back about 5 years cell phone wise, but oh well.  I'm curious about how others of you handle the whole cell phone thing now.  Am I the only one [back] in the dark ages again?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Never Thought

That I would marry a Marine (or a lawyer for that matter.)
That I would live in South Carolina
That I would love South Carolina (well, at least parts of it)
That I would drink black coffee (weird, weird development in my life of late)
That I would enjoy weightlifting
That I would be a stay at home mom (and love it!)
That I could love a little girlfriend so much
That my heart is so black
That there is so much Hope.

Monday, April 12, 2010

This is 6 Days Late

April 6, 2002 was such a life changing day for me, I've already blogged about it before.  Since that post was mainly about Grace, I thought I'd expound upon something I merely touched on there.  On that fateful Saturday, I wore an off-white dress suit thing that I loved at the time but now can't believe I would ever wear.  I sang in the wedding of two dear friends and spent most of the reception trying to avoid a boy that I had broken up with several months before.  Most importantly, though, I was finally introduced to the friend of a close friend that I had heard a lot about.  Brian Magee, I finally met the famous Brian Magee and the name had a face.  A face that, at that time, was framed by shaggy hair and a goatee, the combination of which made me think that he was a lot older than me.  Too old for me, so, on that day, I never gave him a second thought.

Skip a month, to late May, when in the frenzy of getting ready to go out with my best friend from high school, I met this guy again.  In my parent's basement, watching a movie with my brother.  This time, his head was shaved, but the goatee still remained.  I remember thinking that he was good looking and maybe not as old as I had previously thought.

Fast forward a wonderful trip-filled summer to my first semester at UGA.  Oh, there were new guys everywhere, but I kept running into one in particular that seemed different to me.  Brian Magee.  And, as it turned out, we are the same age.  (Well, 7 months apart, but same "grade.")  He was handsome, intriguing, interesting, and pretty much unlike anyone I'd ever met.

We started dating that fall and the rest, as they say, is history.

"You turned me into somebody loved..."  -The Weepies