Friday, August 21, 2009

New Things

B is so brave. About so many things that I am a complete wimp about. He is the one always trying to teach Els new things (such as walking on his feet, see above.) He's the one that got her to sleep in her crib and without her swaddle cold turkey. He is the one who wants to get rid of the baby monitor so that I can sleep without listening to her every move. ("We'll hear her if she screams," he says.) We're not there yet, but I believe one of these nights he's going to sneak around to my side of the bad and just turn it off.

God is so good to have provided me with such a gentle husband who is strong where I am weak and knows how to push me out of my comfort zone when it's for my own good. I'm so thankful that Els and I have such an encourager in our life.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Favorite Things, Part 3

It is utterly amazing how my favorite things have changed since February 27th of this year. While they used to be (& partly still are) jewelry, toiletries, and other girlie stuff, they now include a wider variety of items. So, you can think of this "Favorite Things" as the "New Mom Edition." Enjoy!

1- The Shark Steam Mop. It cleans and STERILIZES my woods floors. No cleaning solution needed. Just add water. Dries really fast. Need I say more?

2- Baby Bjorn. I love it because I can put Els in it and be hands free while shopping, cleaning, or just walking around. (Okay, okay, and I secretly think of it as exercise...) Els loves it because she gets to be close to mommy, see everything around her, and lick the bib part all at the same time.

3- P90X. This is how I'm "getting my body back." Yes, it's hardcore. Yes, it's time consuming. No, I don't do it every day or do the eating plan. However, I feel like I'm almost in as good shape physically as I've ever been in and I can wear all of my pre-pregnancy clothes again. (I did a pull-up all on my own the other day!) Bring it!

4- This thing. If Els was making a favorite things list, this would run a close second to the cats. (She is enamored with the cats!) It's so much fun watching her push the buttons and learn how to play with the toys. I also think it really helps hone her eye-hand coordination skills. She gets so excited when she actually grabs what she sets out to grab. (Especially if it involves a kitty or mommy face!)

5- Amy Butler Nappy Bag. It goes everywhere we go. It holds everything we both need. And it's super cute and very un-diaper bag like. Mine is in this fabric. Love it!

6- Nap time. I never really understood until now the magic of nap time. It's as much for me as it is for my Elli-girl. She's still a very good baby, but sometimes it's easier to get a lot of things done fast while she sleeps, so that I can focus on her while she's awake.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you ever finished?

When you own a home, is there ever a time when you sit back, kick your feet up, and think, "Wow! There's nothing that needs doing around here!"? It seems like everytime I stop to catch my breath around the house these days, all I see are the next five projects waititng impatiently for me to tackle them. Since we've been home, I feel like I've been cleaning and organizing non-stop and I feel like I've barely made any headway. Oh, and did I mention that our air conditioner was dead when we got home last weekend? No? Well, it was. The repairman actually said it was the worst set-up he'd ever seen and he was surprised that the original ownwers had gotten away with the permit for it. He said that he would not put any more money into it. It was all but rusted over completely. Fabulous. So guess what we got last week?

That means, in the last 8 months since signed on the dotted line, we've replaced the dryer, dishwasher, hot water heater, and AC system in our house. That's not to mention several sets of blinds and the rooms we painted. Whew! Next time, we're getting the first year warranty on our house!