Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rambling Thoughts

Two years ago, I remember thinking about how I was loving "spring forward" for the first time ever.  I was working at the Classic Center in Athens and it was a beautiful morning.  Never have I had an appreciation for this phenomenon like I do now.  That is because spring forward equals it's 8:30am and Els is still snoozing.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love that girl more than anything, but making and drinking my first cup of coffee without her begging for puffs and bananas ('nanas') is something I could get used to. Something tells me that she'll adjust sooner or later and this blissful hour will end.  (Or, I'll have to get up earlier to have it, and if you know me, you're not holding your breath for that one. ha.)

Onto other things.  We are mildly settled back into life again.  B is in the job that he'll hopefully do for a year before he is moved again.  The wedding shower that my sister, mom, and I hosted this past weekend was a success.  Not the kind of success where there are a lot of people there, but the kind where there are people that love each other together and everyone has a great time.  We had a blast with the bride and groom for the whole weekend.  I just wish I was better with taking pictures.

And speaking of, Els had her one year photo shoot with the very talented Cindy Streams.  I can't wait to see the finished product.  She was her little stoic self at the beginning, but then warmed up and gave us some priceless faces.  That girl has a mind of her own.  Heaven help me.  

Tomorrow, I will begin my second Bible Study of the year and I'm way too excited about it.  Also, on a total whim, I'm running an 8K this weekend.  It's in the evening and is followed by an oyster roast, so it should be a good time even if I'm not close to prepared to race 4.9 miles.

Whew!  Well, enough about me.  How about you?


heather ryan morse said...

tell me about it, girl!! jackson is sleeping until 8:45..I haven't been getting up though..ha! I sleep until i hear him screaming, "mommmmmmy"! I have been LOVING it! I also used it as an opportunity to move his nap to 12 instead of 11, which is nice to have a little more time in the morning to do errands and visit friends.

ps..i think I could run ANY distance for some yummy oysters! yummmy!

Kristin said...

Thank goodness my little dude's schedule stayed the same. I couldn't get up any earlier!