Monday, June 04, 2012

Rock of Ages, when the day seems long,
From this labor and this heartache I have come.
The skies will wear out but you remain the same,
Rock of Ages, I praise your name.

From "Rock of Ages (When the Day Seems Long)" by Sandra McCracken

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Favorite Things, Again

One of my favorite singers of all time is Patty Griffin, and it would be difficult for me to choose a favorite song of hers, but if I had to, "When It Don't Come Easy" would be in the running for top billing.  Not that anyone cares.  But, one of my favorite lines from said song is, "I don't know nothin' except change will come, year after year what we do is undone.  Time gets movin' from a crawl to a run..."  This line is especially appropriate for this season of our life.  The winds of change are blowing and this time we can't hold on, this time we must pick up and go where God is taking us.

That said, there are far too many "things" to write about, so I'm going to do it in bullet-point form.  Bullet points of favorites.  So, here goes.

1.  I've been in love with Punch Brothers' "Who's Feeling Young Now" album since I got it in the mail in February.  It's the kind of album I listen to over and over for a while and then any time after that when I can't think of anything else to listen to.  It never disappoints.  It's amazing.  Every.  Single.  Time.  They are some of my favorites even if they never come anywhere remotely near South Carolina or Georgia.

2.  Beaufort.  Beaufort.  Oh, need I say more?  I know I've been back and forth over the past three and a half years with my feelings about this place, but in the past year I've become hopelessly attached to this place.  The sheer beauty.  The people.  But, God (and specifically the U. S. Marine Corps) is moving us to Macon, Georgia at the end of the month.  B has an amazing opportunity to get a one year degree in his very specific area of interest there.  We've always said that we can live anywhere for a year and I'm keeping my mind and heart open for surprises.

3.  This necklace that my sister gave me for being in her wedding.  I've worn it every day since.  Well, I guess it's similar to what she's wearing at the top of the page on the link.  There's a charm for Els, a charm for Muh, and a December birth charm for...oh, wait.  Too soon?  Yes, in about 26 to 28 weeks, God willing, we will have another precious little person to love and care for.  (I've become very suspicious of precise due dates.)  Els calls {her} Baby Rainbow.  (And, no, we don't know the sex yet, but Els ALWAYS refers to the baby as her and she, so it's stuck in my head.)  I have to say, now that the pure shock has worn off a little, I think I may be more excited about this baby than ever before because I'm realizing how fleeting and fragile babyhood is.

4.  My Ray-Bans.  They're polarized.  It's awesome. I made upwards of $500 at a friend's gold party recently and treated myself to these beauts.

5.  These crazies.  They're always favorite.

6.  And this guy.  I would be totally remiss to not mention him.  Almost 8 years after we said "I do" and  ten years since we met, he's still my favorite person to laugh with.  Hence all the moving around for and having babies with him.  

[Takes a deep breath.]  I think that's about all for now.