Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Because I love you all very much, I plead with you to NOT go see the movie Jarhead. It is truly one of the most disgusting things that I have ever been subjected to. Filled with sexually explicit content from the beginning, it is neither entertaining or very informative on any level. I guess that I cannot vouch for more than the first 45 minutes of the movie because I left at that point, but I seriously doubt it gets any better.

If you have seen the movie I can say that I don't know anything about what it's like to be a Marine, but I am married to one and he is nothing like the ones depicted in this movie. I am very disenchanted by Hollywood right now. They put this slant on everything and we are supposed to accept that their truth is actual truth, when 9 and a half times out of 10, it isn't.

So, there's my two cents for what they're worth. And happy 230th to Marines everywhere.


Jason said...

I heard from another Marine that it was subpar, too, but I am glad you mentioned the sexual themes (and objected to them). I considered seeing it, but now I will not. Thanks for the review!

Lt. Magee said...

As an officer in the United States Marine Corps, I will say that I do not expect that Marines out in the fleet during a time of war are tame creatures. However, I can say that from my limited experience, only the first five minutes of Jarhead depicted much reality. As far as the sexual content, "explicit" is an understatement. The vulgarity of the movie was pervasive. The low point was when they decided to take up the silver screen with a hardcore porn flick for a good two minutes of film. If you have not seen it, please don't waste your money. There are many war movies out there that are worth seeing.

citystreams said...

What do you mean by socialized and desensatized? I know they try to make sure we're desensitized to the idea of people doing drugs, cheating on their partners, and stuff. And they want us to be good with patients ~ bedside manner kind of stuff. But all of that is like 3-5% of class time and the other 95% is stacks and stacks of information.
On another note, LOST is not nearly as good this season. I don't like the other side of the island. What do you think?

Scott said...

i saw the movie, stayed through it, it was rough but considering it came from the same director that brought us "American Beauty," i took it as a comment of that generation and how he thinks it relates to the current war, rather than a realistic depiction of a marines life in war...i would hope they have more purpose to their role than those guys far as Hollywood, i agree, things look grim, but there is hope...on Jan 20th a Christian company is releasing "End of the Spear," a feature length about Jim Eliot and Nate Saint and other Ecudor missionaries slain 50 years ago...i went to a screening of it and its quality, this is no "Left Behind," its worth seeing and supporting...ya'll should go, and spread the word in Athens about was good to see ya'll at Christmas!