Sunday, October 23, 2005

Love me, love my cats

When I was in seventh grade, I had a t-shirt with "Love me, love my cats" emblazoned on the front alongside a picture of a little girl with a bunch of cats around her. This has always been an underlying motto of my life and, fortunately for me, I married a man that takes this particular role very seriously.

First of all, don't let him fool you, he loves animals as much, and sometimes I think, even more than I do. He had two ferrets as a kid named Ricky and Bouncer and I think that if you can tolerate nasty ferrets (not to mention our ear-piercing, vicious bird), then you must be an animal lover. The proof of his love for me through this love of animals, and namely cats, comes in the form of two stories.

The first one begins on our way to Wesley one evening while we were dating. As we passed through Five Points, we witnessed a most horrible accident: a cat being run over! I was so distraught by the situation that my boyfriend (now husband) turned his truck around and went back to the scene. The cat was still alive, although barely, and I couldn't stand the thought of it being run over repeatedly, so Brian mustered up all of his un-queasiness and picked up the cat and placed it in the bushes. Right then and there I knew that he was the one for me. (I actually knew it already, but this did help seal the deal as they say.)

The second incident happened today when we thought that our recently adopted cat, Jake, had been run over while we were at church this morning. We saw a cat that looked identical to Jake in the gutter near our apartment complex. I was a mess. So, my wonderful husband went to look and determine whether or not this cat was, in fact, Jake. He surveyed the scene, but could not come to any definitive conclusions. My mind could not rest, so he went back to the cat, took him out of the bag that he had put it in, and tried to make a decision. He could not, but, people, this is love. To study a dead cat just to ease your wife's mind!

The happy ending, besides that I have the most amazing husband in the world, is that it was not Jake. He is home now and we're not sure how much he'll go outside anymore!

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Jason said...

You sure he wasn't studying the dead cat to be sure there was no chance the cat would live to infest someone else's home? Or maybe Brian is practicing ambulance chasing? Isn't it ironic how there's always a lawyer at the scene of a crime. Hrm... ;)