Thursday, October 06, 2005

Update on Des

Since I last wrote, our zoo here has been changing a little. Desmond finally took the grand flight off of the back deck earlier this week and we last saw him descending into the trees. He looked like he was flying well and, frankly, he was making a huge mess in our study room, so I am not all that upset about his departure. Meanwhile, Jake the fluffy black cat has joined us. Brian even got him a litter box. He (Jake) jumped on my legs at five am the other morning and started biting me. Needless to say, I discourage him sleeping inside. It is fun to have a cat around though.

The best story of the week is that there was a spider on me during a class earlier this week. Yep, I had one of those little "stop the class because I'm freaking out, except no one else can see the spider" incidents. Gotta hate it when that happens.


citystreams said...

Nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the image of you stopping class for a disappearing spider! I would so do the same thing. Thanks for a good laugh. You're great!! ~Cin~

Jason said...

Kels, that is classic. Like citystreams above, I laughed as I read this while sitting across from you sister at Jittery's 5 Points. Too funny. I have done the same, 'cept mine is the Spider Dance as I head to my car in the morning, not quite woken up, yet coming fully and startlingly awake as I walk into a giant spider web. The dance begins, and I violently wonder if I'm dancing solo or doing a pas de deux. But all jerky and panicky.