Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Meet Desmond

...the newest member of the Magee family. We have sort of taken in a stray cat that we found attacking this little baby bird last Friday evening. I could not bear it, so our friend John rescued this little guy. He is now living in Paco's traveling cage until we decide what to do with him. He is really cute but he makes a terrible mess and I kind of feel bad for keeping him caged since he was never meant to be caged. Brian wants to release him at Big City Bread so that he can join the little flock of fellow finches there and live off of the bread crumbs. I just want to make sure he's completely well before we send him off. If you have any suggestions or if you want a cute little house finch, let us know. Until then, I guess our zoo will continue to grow!


Carrie said...

How did he get his name?

Kels said...

It was the name of a new character on 'Lost' last week. I thought also that it was a fitting name for a helpless little bird and I like to amuse my family with names like "Desmond" for my pets to keep them in suspense about what I might name my children in the future. (Brian wanted to name him catfood.)

citystreams said...

I think "Catfood" would have been hilarious! Way to go Brian. Yeah, that Desmond character is pretty creepy. I wonder why he's being quarintined. And didn't Jack say last season that he and Sarah were engaged? I can't remember. But I'm so glad LOST is back on!!! Yay for Wednesday nights!!!!