Tuesday, September 06, 2005


In the silence of this shadowed room, when the walls are pulled toward the center,
I'm afraid to be alone with you 'cause I'm dying full of splinters.
Why do you still want to hold me after a day like this?
All you can do is sing over me as if all has been dismissed...

You escape my words
You escape my words
I cannot consume what you offer, but in spite of myself,
I am yours

No, I cannot speak this language. You have quenched the thirst of these demands.
I can be no more than faithless, but this breath is from your hand.
You've released me from condition, someone's already been down this road before.
He has taken the scorn that I deserve, but my hands still move the sword...

My words cannot contain you. They cannot hold you down, close you in fill you up.

** I can take no credit for these words. This is a song by Sandra McCracken.

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