Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Twilight-zonish week thus far

Actually, we have to dip into the last bit of last week also, but weird things are happening here at the Magee household. Oddly enough, most of it has to do with mail.

First of all, we received our vehicle registration last Wednesday from a private citizen who was nice enough to forward it on to us on their own 37 cents. The geniuses at the ACC tag office mailed our vehicle regisration to another random Athens man in the back of the envelope with his. Our vehicle registration, people! A $175 sticker that says 2006. Thankfully, Random Athens Man is very kind.

Secondly, Brian got a tax refund from 2003 this week out of the blue. Weird. Next there was the incident in which we returned home to find a UPS sticker on our door with the standard, "First attempt at delivery/Signature required/Will attempt delivery tomorrow," message. This would have been normal enough had the coffee maker being delivered (free with Lexis-Nexis points) not been sitting in the middle of the sidewalk! Apparently, it didn't make it back onto the truck.

Additionally to these, our student loan check, AKA life-blood-for-the-semester, was returned to the Student Accounts office marked "return to sender, no forwarding address left," even though it was correctly addressed to Brian at our current residence. Did they bother to try and call? You guessed it, no. It was just sitting in a pile of things in the back of the financial aide office until someone dug it out today when Brian went by there.

Oh, all of this has happened not to mention the fact that we found out that we have been married for a month longer than we thought. Yep, our marriage liscence states that we were "joined in holy matrimony" a month before we thought we were. Best of all, no one has noticed until last Friday when I was getting an ID made. And now it's been over a year and 1 or 2 months.

I will close with the incident in which our friend's dad discovered a dead body yesterday in Pennsylvania. Yep, like on CSI. So, I would like to say that we are "getting into the swing of things" here, but, somehow, it kind of feels like we aren't. Good thing we believe in a Sovereign God!


jenna said...

I ordered some of my books from Amazon this semester, since it's generally cheaper that way. Along with a dense theoretical book on sexual/textual politics, I received a mysterious free copy of "A Shark's Tale".

I think either terrorists or comedians must have recently penetrated our postal service.

citystreams said...

Wow~ I've had a weird day but not a weird week. I wish I could hear you tell it in person.
Your comment made me think of some other times we've worshipped together. Remember that DNow we went to in high school where she just played a CD and let us pray while the room was candlelit. That was an awesome time of worship and I'll never forget singing at Briarwood By the Sea when we were kids. I learned the theme song to "Cheers" that week but I also learned a lot about loving people.
"Teach me some melodious sonnett/ Sung by flaming tongues above/ Praise the Mount I'm fixed upon It/ Mount of Thy Redeeming Love"