Tuesday, September 20, 2011

B is for Birthday

Our favorite man about the house hit a big milestone this past week.  I won't tell you which it was, but it wasn't the 2-0 or the 4-0, if you get my drift.  We had a cook out for him on Saturday which, through absolutely no planning of mine, had a theme.  Not only did we grill brats and burgers, B brewed his first batch of all-grain pumpkin ale.  It was all topped off with a giant pan of baklava from the local Greek restaurant.  In short, we celebrated B's birthday with brews, brats, burgers, and baklava.  We had a little chuckle about it.  If only this were Sesame Street.

Happy belated Birthday Babe!  (Ahh, I can't stop myself!)
Yes, we're in a cemetery.  It's a national one that overlooks San Diego.     

Here's the birthday boy with his favorite girl.

This buddy loves his Daddy!

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Big Jen said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!