Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

So, I'm a day late, but in my defense, there were 9 people staying in our little house this weekend. I wanted to tell you about some things that I have been thinking about in the days surrounding this day. First, I cannot believe that it's been six years since the day that my grandfather, who we called Daddy Fred, left us for Heaven. It was an unseasonably cold and rainy mother's day that day and my siblings and I spent it alone because of his death. Looking back, I really don't remember why we didn't go down to the town where my parents were that day, but we didn't. We took ourselves to Logan's Roadhouse for lunch and I found a long hair in my chili. That was the last time I ate there.

Then there was last year. B and I were trying to get pregnant and had just moved to Virginia. I cried as I picked out cards for the various mothers in our lives, wondering if anyone would ever give me such a card. Little did we know that our precious baby girl would be on the way in less than a month.

And yesterday. We celebrated this weekend by the whole family coming to our house for the weekend. My mom's 50th birthday was last weekend, so we went to the beach and out for fresh seafood to celebrate that on Saturday and then the men cooked for us yesterday while we just hung out around the house, enjoying being together. One of my favorite things about my family is that we have fun just being together, we don't have to do anything exciting to make a day great. B and Els gave me a stargazer lily and I get to pick out furniture for our screened-in patio. I've decided on a red Lowcountry loveseat (sort of like an Adirondack chair, but made right around the corner from our house) and a picnic table. B is toying with the idea of making said table himself. We shall see.

To end, Happy belated Mother's Day to all you mothers and mothers-to-be out there. I am learning that our children are the greatest gift of all!

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CityStreams said...

They certainly are the greatest gift of all. I think we've all been starved for some Kels time for the last few years and now that you have the baby EVERYONE wants to see you. Promise me that we'll squeeze in a visit this summer. Okay? Miss you!