Thursday, January 08, 2009

Just Because I'm Losing, Doesn't Mean I'm Lost

Today is just one of those days. You know those where you wake up feeling awful, not physically, but like an awful person. And for no particular reason either. I think it has something to do with the fact that I don't really sleep all that well or long these days. My precious little girl is carrying really low, which means she's right on my hips all day and night, which in turn means that my hips feel like they're being ripped out of joint during the night. Every time I get up to use the bathroom or stretch at night I hear multiple pops from my lower back and pelvis. Fabulous. I finally broke down and bought one of those pregnancy body pillows a week and a half ago. It does help a lot, but it makes me hot and it takes up a lot of the bed. I can't win for losing, I guess.

All of the above added together mean that B and I are often really grumpy with each other at night. I called him at work when I woke up this morning to apologize for being mean and keeping him up last night. It makes me feel awful.

If I could see a silver lining, it would be that maybe God is preparing me for the sleepless nights ahead when Els is in my arms and not my pelvis. (Right now I'm thinking that I don't care if I only get two hours of sleep at night if I don't feel crippled when I wake up!) Also, like every other pregnancy woe, I would have to say that she is worth all of the pain. I can't wait to meet her sometime in the next nine weeks.


BDish said...

That is my FAVORITE quote from that song. I played it over and over when it came out. If you are having a stinky day, call me. We'll figure something to chat/laugh about. :)

kelli beth said...

ah! 9 weeks and baby potato will be here!!!!!! :)

Brittany said...

Hang in there! Maybe we should just go ahead and schedule a massage session for when I visit. I'm just sayin'!

Sonja said...

I hate days that start out with that weird, unhappy-about-myself feeling. It's like a slightly scratchy throat, except it's your personality being scratchy. Ugh.
My experience has shown that the pains and aches and inconveniences are TOTALLY worth it. You're almost there!!! :)