Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Think Pink

We read a lot of Pinkalicious these days.  It's inescapable.  While Els numbers fire ants and roly-polys as her friends, chose a stuffed rat as her toy from IKEA recently, and likes to climb the lower branches of a tree in our back yard to "howl at the moon," she also loves pink.  She can't help it.  What 3 and a half year old girl can?  So, her resin-encased bug collection rests beside her dress-up dresses and her stuffed rat listens to endless repetitions of Pinkalicious.  

That said, she was entirely convinced that baby #3, or baby Rainbow, was a girl.  "But what if baby Rainbow is a boy baby?" I asked her the day before the big ultrasound.  "No mommy, I only want one brother in our house," she insisted.  There was no room in her mind for another boy, another brother.  And, what do you know, she was right.  Baby Rainbow, baby trois, is a girl.  I personally would have been thrilled either way, but Els was not even surprised.  She knew the whole time.  Now her mission is to convince us to actually name baby girl Rainbow.  She "really, REALLY, wants her real name to be Rainbow."  I told her that we're not hippies, but that she can call her sister Rainbow as a nickname.

We're going to call her Eva.

Princess Els with Branches the Rat

She actually really does love her brother

In her "howling tree"


Ellen said...

that is so funny! love sweet girlie toddlers and their rationale. marit refused to acknowledge that miles was a boy for the first week after he was born (he was a surprise) and would say "her name is lucy" to everyone. eva is a beautiful name too! so fun kelli...are you guys settling in? found a church?

Grace said...

How exciting for you all! God bless Eva. And I love the howling tree! Hope you are finding good places to get out and explore too- even if it is not Beaufort. Sending a package soon as I remembered I have your 1000 Gifts book. Will really miss hearing you lead us in worship tomorrow!

D at Adventurehood said...

Eva is a lovely name. Congrats again!