Friday, March 18, 2011


Els' vocabulary is exploding these days, meaning that my world is very, very rarely quiet these days.  Girlfriend not only loves to talk, she demands an audience.  There is very little that she doesn't say now or at least attempt to say.  She's also discovered the wonderful world of questions this week.  Now everything is, "Where we goin' to, Mama?,  "Who you singin' to, Mama?",  "What Mama doin'?"  She has for several months referred to herself as 'Ana.  So I also get a lot of, "What does Ana say?"  "Where Ana go?"  "What Ana doing?" (To which I reply, "I don't know, what IS Eliana doing?")  It's wonderful and challenging, and sometimes quite overstimulating for "Mama."  The "why" game has also begun.  I thought she was too young for this....

One of my favorite things about her words is the fact that she says several things with a British accent for some reason.  "Someping huts, Mama," for something hurts and "not wuking" for not working and the like.  She also says moe-wuh for more, drawing out the word like a true Southern girl, but ending up sounding more New-Englandy to me.  

She is truly becoming more and more interested in her little brother too, always asking, "Where baby at, Mama?" when he's not around.  Or "Why dat baby crying, Mama?"  She says "Muh" for Miller and has recently taken to my nick-name for him, calling him "Muh-man" for Miller Man.  Also, I caught her singing to her baby doll one of the songs that I sing to her yesterday.  Melt.  My.  Heart.

I love every new thing she does and says.  Every stage, although increasingly challenging, gets better and better and more fun with my sweet girl.  It's so fun to hear a little about what she does when she goes to church nursery or "school" (aka Mother's Morning Out one day a week).  She can tell me what she did and whether or not she had a snack and even what said snack was.

That little Muh-Man is lots of fun too right now.  He's getting into that "smiley" stage and he's a smiley man.  I am constantly humbled by how much he loves his Mama.

I will leave you with a picture of the two having tummy time together.  "Wook Mama, I habing tummy time too!"

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Ellen said...

love it! so cute...i feel a little sad when marit starts to say things "right" because their first ways of expressing things are just sooo sweet. sounds like you guys are doing well!