Friday, August 21, 2009

New Things

B is so brave. About so many things that I am a complete wimp about. He is the one always trying to teach Els new things (such as walking on his feet, see above.) He's the one that got her to sleep in her crib and without her swaddle cold turkey. He is the one who wants to get rid of the baby monitor so that I can sleep without listening to her every move. ("We'll hear her if she screams," he says.) We're not there yet, but I believe one of these nights he's going to sneak around to my side of the bad and just turn it off.

God is so good to have provided me with such a gentle husband who is strong where I am weak and knows how to push me out of my comfort zone when it's for my own good. I'm so thankful that Els and I have such an encourager in our life.


Melissa said...

Micah is the one that has to stop me from going to Paul every time he cries. He always says "Let him work it out..." Its hard though, isn't it! One thing I love about our monitor is that it is voice activated, and with the white noise, it only comes on if he starts crying, so I don't hear every whimper and noise. And if I'm letting him "work it out" I turn the sound off, turn up some music or the TV, and look at the lights on the monitor every once in a while to see if he's still going at it. :-P

the siples said...

i'm with b. turn that monitor off, girlfriend!

(glad you're at home WITH your hubby!)