Saturday, March 21, 2009

Details, Schmetails

So, there's a big reason that I haven't been blogging quite as much this month and she's currently sleeping in my lap on her Boppy pillow. (Great baby product, by the way, the hype about these things is true.) She likes to sleep with one arm up by her head (usually the right) and it's terribly cute, especially when combined with the fact that she snores like her daddy already. I thought I'd hit the highlights of our past three weeks for you guys.

Els' birth was completely not what we had planned for or expected at all. First off, she was 12 days early. My family says they knew she was going to be early, and in hindsight I agree with them, but I had determined beforehand that I was not going to get my hopes up just in case she was right on time or even late. But, lo and behold, I went into labor at aproximately 1 am on the night of February 27th, we went to the hospital, and yada yada yada, she was born 12 hours later. (If you want details, ask me, but I'll spare them out of respect for the general readership.) I did totally go back on my word and get an epidural. That is one decision that you CANNOT make until you actually feel labor pains, I don't care who you are and how high you imagine your pain tolerance to be pre-labor contractions. I totally respect those who go naturally, though.

We stayed in the hospital for two days and were overjoyed to go home. It is a myth that you can sleep in the hospital after you have a baby. Someone is in there every hour or so to do something to you or the baby and if you send baby to the nursery, the nurses bring them back to you in two hours, telling you to feed them. Oh well. So, we came home and I have pretty much been enjoying her ever since. B had two weeks off of work, which was wonderful, and we pretty much sat around and held her, looked at her, and fed her for the whole time. My mom stayed with us for a week and then Els' Aunt Rah and Aunt B came for four days the second week. They were all great help, cooking and cleaning for us.

Els is a pretty good sleeper. She's given us several nights with 5 hours in a row of sleep. I think the least I have slept was the first night she was alive. B and I were so terrified with her in the room with us that we just stayed up all night and watched her. Now I pretty much pass out wherever I am at about 9:30 pm. (I could not even stay awake for The Office this week!)

Most of all, she is an incredible joy. I love to watch her and hear her little noises. I love it when I can tell she's looking at me and really sees me, although I must concede that the ceiling fans are her favorite things to look at. She's going to smile at us soon, I feel it in my bones and I can't wait!

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CityStreams said...

Awww. I love the bit about you and B staying up all night the first night so that you could watch her. So sweet!