Saturday, February 07, 2009


I bought diapers today! And wipes, and bags for the diaper genie, and other baby things. I cannot believe that our due date is so close. I am in total nesting mode. It feels like our house is so dirty and that I can't sit down for two seconds because I feel like I'm on a total time crunch. She could come any day now. (Well, so, I hope that she stays in for another month until her due date, but you never know.) I have so much to do!!!!

I think Els is feeling the crunch too-literally. She pokes her little behind out of me a lot on one side and then runs her hands and feet around the other side. We tell her that she's not a chicken trying to hatch out of an egg. We did find out that she's in the right position for birth, which is positive. And, we got a quick little ultrasound this week, and were able to see the back of her head, her heart, and her rump. The doctor said that she's too big to be able to see her face with the less than modern equipment at the Naval hospital here. It's okay though, we'll see it in person soon enough!

32 days to go...

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Brittany said...

Yay for diapers! It's the little things!