Friday, October 17, 2008

Heads Carolina, Tails California

I'm on pins and needles, as they say. Any day now we will find out our next duty station. (As an aside, I think that the Jo Dee Messina song from which this post borrows its title was secretly written about how the military decides where to send people.) As the title indicates it could be anywhere from sunny Southern Cal to charming southern South Carolina (not to mention anywhere there's a Marine base in between. And we're not even going to talk about Japan or Hawaii yet). This revelation is of the utmost importance to our little family because of three things. First, it will be the place that our first child is born. Running a close second is that it will likely be the site of our first home purchase. This gal is TOTALLY OVER renting. Over it. And last, it's where we'll spend the next three or so years of our life. Pretty important. Did I mention that we'll more than likely be moving to mystery location number one in December? And we're already over half done with October.

So, yes, on the surface I'm a big ball of worry about this, but underneath I'm trying to come to grips with the fact that I truly believe that God is going to put us where we're supposed to be and nowhere else. I know deep down inside that we are going to be perfectly happy wherever we end up. We'll be together and at least gas is getting cheaper...

"We pack our bags, we board the train for a tour of Saturn's fields;
And we don't know what lies ahead, visions of comfort safe in our heads."
-Sandra McCracken


CityStreams said...

I love that song! It's a good thing because now it's totally stuck in my head.

Keeping my fingers crossed for the East Coast. But I'm good with anything except for Japan. ;o)

Brittany said...

Didn't they tell you? I've arranged for a Marine Base to be opened up in Watkinsville. I know it's not near water but I'm taking care of that too. And our house is going to be for sell soon, so we'll give you a great deal, no problem. I had to step in and make sure little Aiden and Brooks lived near eachother. Or little Miller... although i seriously think it's a girl. Omigosh... we find out soon! I'm soooooooooo excited. You better call me right after you call Brian... and your mom and siblings and dad and grandparents and aunt... then call me!!!

Scott said...

big week for ya'll...keep us posted!