Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Crib

The room just off of the kitchen.
Our room.

The guest room. It came this color and I just went with it.

Rumor's new "spot."

The foyer.

The living room. Complete with new Ikea chair. Love it!

The office.

Another view of the room off of the kitchen. This is my favorite room I think.

The kitchen.

To be quite honest, this post is mostly for my mom. She wants to see pictures of the new place all set up, so here are a few. For those of you who are not her, enjoy also. Love!


brandeedishner said...

Love how you have decorated and "nested". It looks fabulous Kel. What a great kitchen, I can't wait to come visit and we can cook together. Loved talking to you today!

CityStreams said...

It looks so pretty! I want to come visit :o) You've put everything together so quickly, too. I must say I am really impressed!

Lisa said...

Thanks for giving me pictures so that Now I have a picture in my mind of where you are. It is so important for a mom to know where their children helps my heart when I start missing you to know you are somewhere safe and comfortable. And your home not only looks safe and comfortable- it's so cute! As usual, you have done a great job decorating!
I miss you and Brian, Rumor, Charlie and Paco so much! I am so looking forward to our time and the beach and then when we can visit you in Stafford!
I love you!

jenny said...

Place looks great!