Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More about Croatia

Just in case you're like I was a year ago and have no idea where Croatia is, it was once part of Yugoslavia and is directly across the Adriatic Sea, going east from the boot-like penninsula that is Italy. It is a small country with a very rich history. Zagreb, the capital city, is a very old city that used to be two cities, one that was the upper Catholic city, and one that was the lower, secular city. Zagreb even means "below the hill" referring to the fact that much of it lies below the still standing, ancient cathedral. I hope to visit this while I am there. The first half of my trip will take place on the Adriatic coast in a town called Makarska. This is a fishing village along the coast. Many of the cities dotting the coast and islands still have strong evidence of ancient Roman occupation. This is going to be cool.

Right now, Croatia is hoping to be admitted to the European Union (EU) within the next two years. The official lanuage is Croatian and is a Slavic language. (Translation: it is nothing like anything that I know.) There are about 4 million people in Croatia and their currency is the kuna. That is about all I know now, but I will write more as I learn it.

Most of all, I am thankful that I will not be alone while in Croatia. Two of my good friends are there now and will be there for the first half of my trip. After that, I will be with some undergraduate interns from UGA, of whom I know one girl. Ultimately, I rest in the fact that I am never alone because the Lord is always with me.

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Lisa said...

We will be praying for you and anxious to hear about your journey. Keep updating the blog as we will be checking regularly to hear from you!
Love you,
Mama and Daddy, Grace and Micah, too!